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Digital Copies of  All Your Old Prints, Slides, Movies and Video Tapes

At Photomaker Digital Conversions, 502 Jefferson
Street, Port Clinton, Ohio, we will
carefully, with skill and patience, convert your
old analog media, such as:
Picture shows color slides or transparences that can be converted, copied and transfered to a digital file format.
examples of old family photographic prints that can be digitized.
shows old VHS video tape cassette that can be copied to digital
Old family memories on reels of 8mm movie film to be transfered to a digital format.
Negative film can also be converted to positive digital images.
To a much more useful digital media, such as:
DVD disc in plastic jewel case
USB Flash Drive
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So you can easily view them on your:
Television showing digitized old photos on the screen
smart phone showing a converted image being viewed on the screen
laptop computer showing old video on monit

Your old photos are deteriorating.

Your memories are fading away.

Your pictures are your Life.

We want to be your ...

Call or email us today for an appointment!
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