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We are William and Mary Gordon, the owners and operators of a wedding and portrait studio in Port Clinton, Ohio, in beautiful Ottawa County, for the past 34 years. We have retired from that business now but we wanted to continue to be of service to the community. That is why we started Photomaker Digital Conversions. We feel that preserving your cherished memories for posterity is a truly worthwhile endeavor. Doing so with great care and skill at a reasonable price is our goal. When you transfer old photos to digital you will then have a digital copy of your originals that you can  duplicate as many time as you desire so that everyone in the family can have a copy. 

Mary and Bill Gordon, owners of Photomaker Digital Conversions, at work in their studio.

We are a small, local operation, a "Mom & Pop" as they say. In this case though, that is a big advantage for you. Why? Because we will take the time necessary to do your conversions right and we will take the care necessary to protect your priceless originals from loss or damage of any kind.

Your originals never leave our studio. We do not accept any orders by mail because we do not believe that irreplaceable originals should ever be subjected to loss or damage in the mail.

We are your friends and neighbors and will treat you and your originals with the care and respect that only friends and neighbors can.

Your happiness and satisfaction is our number one priority. That is why we offer a Free Consultation to help you get started with your preservation efforts. Call or email us today.

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